Not so much a blog as a website

This replaces a blog that I started elsewhere in 2006. Like that one, this has been set up to record memories and musings about my late Father, Joseph P J Boughey (1922-1986), and his family.

Most entries are placed on separate pages under various periods in his life. Hover the cursor over each period to see what has been written.

“Other family” concerns memories of other family members – this will expand in future. “Tributes and musings” concern views of Dad and the process of recollection.

I should stress that this is not a series of autobiographical accounts, but musings that sometime cover more than one period. If this too sentimental for you, you don’t have to read it – there are many more accounts to read!

I should stress that whilst I am my father’s son, my life, perspectives, affiliations and aspirations have been very different from Dad’s. The love and respect that continue are for the person, not for everything in which he, in his time and circumstances, was involved and to which he gave support.

We all, in some ways, reflect the circumstances in which we find ourselves. I suppose (an odd thought) if I was the one who had departed in 1986, and my father had survived and set up this site, he would be commenting on many concerns of mine that he did not, and could not share, and might well repudiate.

I have mused further (February 2018) since writing the above, and the category “Introduction: why this site?” has been added, to provide a fuller explanation of my purpose.

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