JPJB lived in Wallasey in the same house in Grove Road, Wallasey, between 1964 and 1979; I grew up in this house. He was President of Wallasey Rotary in 1971-2; this was not always a happy time for him. I joined him in the family business (as it then was) in 1978, and left the home in Grove Road to move into my own home late in 1979. He took many holidays, some quite intrepid, on canal boats during this period, and after 1967 became a prominent member of the Nantwich & Border Counties Yacht Club, based in Nantwich, where he moored a succession of boats. During this period, all his children completed secondary school and obtained degrees.

His father Horace had formally retired but during this time played almost no part in the business. Horace was ill with leukaemia for the whole of this time, surviving 15 years in reasonable health until his final decline began in 1978-9. JPJB’s grandmother Emma, astonishingly, had survived to the age of 101, but died in 1973, the same year as her eldest son Leslie.

Despite coming from comfortable middle-class circumstances, Dad did not take many holidays abroad. However, in 1966 he went to Porto Fino in Italy with Mum, and at Easter 1968, with the whole family to the Netherlands, to begin a Rhine cruise on a Botel.


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