Joseph (1867-1953) and Emma Jane (1871-1972) Boughey

JPJB was very close to his grandparents. Joseph (1867-1953) died before I was born, but he often talked about him. With his brother James, Joseph formed Boughey Brothers in 1896; these seem to have been builders until Joseph turned to estate agency after James died in 1911.

Emma Jane lived with his aunt Mavis (“Auntie Pop”), who came up from a career in London to look after her mother after Joseph died on 20 October 1953 at Victoria Central Hospital in Wallasey. From 1937 to 1953 both had lived at 69 Penkett Road, Wallasey; during the war, as I relate on a separate page, they moved out, leaving the house in Penkett Road, to North Wales.