Residences until 1947 – some notes

I have been unsure where Dad lived until his marriage in 1947. What is clear is that all addresses were in Wallasey; if one ignores his wartime service, he always lived in the same town. I recall him talking about an address in 10 Rugby Road, a semi-detached house in Wallasey Village, and later that his father Horace had bought a house in two flats at 63 Wellington Road, New Brighton, in 1941 or 1942. Grandad may have been involved in the somewhat gimcrack conversion (stairs that were too steep and narrow) of this property; he certainly lived in the upper flat there (63a) after 1947, and indeed died there in 1980.

Before then, however, he lived at 45 Penkett Road, twelve doors away from his grandfather Joseph at No.69, which he had acquired in 1937. Mum first met Dad there in wartime, when he was in uniform and riding a bicycle round the garden. When Horace’s daughter Pamela was married in October 1940, they were living at 45 Penkett Road. By 1946 (Kelly’s Directory) this was occupied by Harold S Vernon, purser, and later this became Westbourne School, a private preparatory school that Dad’s niece Jackie attended, presumably from January 1951, when it seems to have opened. It would close in 2006, and No 45 is now a private residence again.